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Our Services

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best care available while effectively communicating with the insurer and or employer to pave the way for a positive outcome for all involved.


Our nurses have experience in orthopedics, critical care and neurology, just to name of few. Along with their time in various areas of medicine, they have also worked in clinical settings, hospital settings and surgical settings.


We work with companies from virtually any industry, including: manufacturing, construction, education, oil and gas, agriculture, health care, food services, banking, and trucking.


Our ability to build rapport and trust with patients is second to none. Through years of experience in various nursing backgrounds our nurses carry professional and friendly relationships with many of the industry’s top physicians.


There is a reason many of the state’s top insurers and employers choose Eiffel Medical for their case management needs. Whether it be Field Case Management, Telephonic Case Management or Catastrophic Case Management our nurses have your best interests in mind.

Back to Work

We give cost effective and time oriented solutions to getting the injured party back to work while making sure all work related medical needs have been addressed.